Thursday, December 15, 2016

Last Lecture

Brothers and sisters, it has been a great semester.  This has been my favorite college course thus far in my scholastic journey.  The fact that I loved it so much, reinforces within me that I am on the right path in the journey of life.  This excites and comforts me.  Why did this class resonate so much within me?  It taught me some different pathways I can pursue to reach my dreams of entrepreneurism. Since I am able to now, leave you with my last bits of advice upon entering this entrepreneurship program, let’s get to it! First, take the time to do all the readings.  Sure, you can skim the information and get the idea, but you will learn and digest the material so much better if you read, highlight, and take notes.  I feel like the readings were so interesting and they held my attention.  I challenge you to go the extra mile, print out each reading, and devour it.  The things you will learn in school, specifically this class will help you be strong and confident and succeed in the business world.  Second,  keep up with your blog posts.  I have enjoyed rambling on in my posts.  I reread them all the other day and really enjoyed the review of the semester and what I thought would be the most useful to me.  As you continue on this degree path, remember your priorities and motivation.  Go the extra mile.  Never settle for the bare minimum.  I feel like this plan in life will only result in success.  Third, my advice for you is to never give up.  This applies to your education and your dreams, your family and your business aspirations.  Never giving up on any of these things means that you will have to conquer work life balance.  True happiness and honest success at anything is the direct result of balance.  One cannot be happy conquering the business world, without first finding peace and joy within the walls of his or her own home. Fourth, never forget what motivates you and fuel that motivator, yet don’t forget who you are in the process.  Use those guardrails to know your limits and protect you from yourself.  Setting the guardrails and goals in place before you face the temptations and problems of life is the smart thing to do.  Then when you are stuck in a tough spot and are tempted to make a bad choice, that will not even seem like it is an option.  I hope you all success and drive and happiness in this chosen career path. Please ponder the advice of the rookie before you!

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